February 1, 2016

It's a given

Is there anything that is for sure in this life?

For the redeemed, blessings are automatic.

There is nothing that they can do to alter the flow of approval from God.

Blessings, from him, follow them.

Goodness and mercy flow to the adopted child of God.

They are happy.

The repentant, who are on the narrow road, are given contentment. 

No human can do that for another human.

That attribute is given to the soul who obediently repents, and believes.

Jesus says that the redeemed are happy.

It is their state of mind, not worry, or anger, or bitterness, or sadness, or depression.

The poor in spirit are happy for they know something; the kingdom of heaven is theirs.

The redeemed mourn, and are happy, for in their grief, they are always comforted.

The meek, who may appear to have nothing, are happy, for they have an inheritance not of this world.

Those who only hunger for goodness stay happy, for their souls are deeply satisfied.

The ones who show mercy are happy, and in return they are shown mercy.

The souls who are spotless are happy, and they understand God's ways, and will see him one day.

The people who practice only peace, and refuse to fight, are happy, and they are God's children.

The woman who is persecuted for her goodness to others is happy, and she will go to heaven.

It is a fact that the truly saved will be spoken of with contempt, and insults, but they are happy.

The very prophets of God were persecuted as well, and the truly saved are in good company.

They rejoice, and are exceedingly glad, and that is automatic, and even when sadness confronts them, it does not change the fact that deep down they are happy for they walk by faith, not feelings.

They know this world is temporary, and that makes them very happy.

The truly happy are those who know that they are passing through, and this earth is not all there is to life, and that even though they are spoken of in an evil way on account of their testimony, they smile, for their joy is not based on man's approval, but it rests in the Rock of Ages, and they are not moved.

They are not tossed about by the winds of this world.

Their anchor holds steady, and they bless others, and curse not.

Their blessings are automatic, and no one needs to bless them here on earth, for God has done it.

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