February 28, 2016

Delight in God

Do you have unanswered prayers?

In your waiting are you tempted to be discouraged?

Temptation comes to the redeemed, so fret not over that fact.

More importantly, fret not over anything (Psalm 37:1).

And more importantly, take delight only in God, and that means loving him with all that is in you.

Answered prayers, which will cause rejoicing, are not the source of great joy.

In knowing God is great joy.

In him, one knows great delight, and rest, and peace.

In God alone.

Scripture tells us that those who delight in him will be given their desires (Psalm 37:4).

Do you believe that to be true?

If so, then you will not be down-in-the-dumps when prayers seemingly go unanswered.

Yes, you will be tempted to doubt, but the truly redeemed believe; they have faith.

Are you delighting solely in God?

If so, then your soul rejoices come what may.

Or like so many, do you delight in his goodies, and cry for more goodies, and fret when you don't get what you are requesting?

If that is the case, then it is doubtful that you know him.

God is love.

God is joy.

God is peace.

In knowing him, one has love, and joy, and peace because his Spirit lives in the souls of the saved.

Repent, and believe, and delight only in God, and God alone.

He will have your soul no other way.

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