January 29, 2016

What is precious to you?

Those who love God's Word will be hiding it in their hearts.

Interestingly they will not need to be told to do that.

What is it that you do with passion that no one needs to remind you to do it?

No one has to tell me to eat chocolate.

Because of the very Spirit of God, who lives inside the mind of the redeemed, they treasure it.

They don't have go to church, and hear the preacher say that they are supposed to do that, and then go do that, kind of like the perfunctory jobs one must do like cleaning the toilet when it needs it.

Reading the Word is not an "I gotta go do this" type activity for the one who loves God.

It is all that they want to do.

Their whole heart craves God, for they have a new one, a new nature, and the old one is gone.

As far as the east is from the west, the old mind, which loved sin, is gone.

The new soul loves the Word.

What is loved is done.

The redeemed love the Word, and they read it, and conceal it deep in their minds, and it is where they run for comfort, and strength, and rest, and they find it to be their all in all, and they want not.

Contentment is theirs.

"I have hidden your word in my heart, that I might not sin against you," Psalm 119:11.

The psalmist is saying that the reason that he encloses the Word in his mind is to show the Lord that his inclination is to not sin. The redeemed have new inclinations. They love God, not sin.

People who sin do so for the love of it, and the redeemed do not love sin, they love God.

When a woman loves a man, she memorizes things about him, and she sins not against him, nor betrays him to anyone, for he is precious to her, and what we find precious, we protect, and guard.

The redeemed love the Word. The drive to read it, and know it, does not come and go like a craving for chocolate may in a person. The redeemed are new people, and they behave in new ways, always.

In their minds, they think of God, and his Word, and just as a wise woman would not leave what precious jewels she may have out and about her home for sticky fingers to find, the wise woman, and only the redeemed woman is wise, will devour the Word, and her heart is its hiding place.

The Word, and only the Word, is a very lamp to her feet helping her in a dark world.

She does not flaunt her knowledge and recite the Word constantly to others, just as a wise woman does not flaunt whatever gold, and silver she may have, but the Word, the very Spirit of God is her help in times of trouble, and she rests in knowing God's word, and she is blessed (happy!), and she blesses, and not just sometimes when she feels like it, but always, for she does not live by feelings, but by faith, and she gives, and is generous, for God, who is love, lives in her, and she obeys him.

What cravings do you obey?

What is hiding in your heart?

What do you have memorized?

The sins of others?

Do you remember all the transgressions that others have perpetrated against you?

Are you holding grudges in your heart?

Do you keep trivia stored up in your brain?

Do you know the latest Hollywood gossip, and trends, and pop songs?

Are all your favorite TV show times stored away so that you don't miss any entertainment?

What's in your mind?

Whatever it is will come out of your mouth.

Your mouth will be your guide as to what it is that you love.

Do you talk about others?

Or is there a drive in you to only talk about the Lord and his Word?

"Love the Lord your God with all your mind," Luke 10:27.

Can it be said that you love God with all of your mind?

That's the command.

Repent and believe.

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