January 7, 2016

Watch out; give generously to the poor

Jesus commands those who follow him to 'be on guard' concerning many things.

We find one particular instance in Luke 12:15 where the statement is made as follows:

"Watch out! Be on guard against all kinds of greed."

In the previous chapter, we find Jesus commanding his followers to "be generous to the poor," (ll:41).

Generous- freely giving of valuable things.

Greed - selfish desire to have more of something (especially money).

If you live with clinched fists, then you keep what is yours, and will hoard it, and you will not be sharing freely of what you consider valuable with anyone, and especially not with the poor.

A soul is either generous always, or pretending to be generous, and then wishing they had not been that way, and wishing people would leave them alone, or they are selfish, and never give.

But in all of those situations, one is really either generous, or they are not.

A good tree is generous, and a bad tree is not (Matthew 7:18).

Jesus said you live one way or the other, not both.

Good trees always generously give, and never exhibit the bad fruit of hoarding, and selfishness.

They have no secret stash kept only for them.

Wives, who love God with all their heart, share all that they have to the end of it with their husbands.

They also share with the poor, and will stretch out their hands to do so (Proverbs 31:20).

They exert effort in their sharing. They give in good weather and bad. They are always giving. 

Argue if you wish about who is really poor, and remember as you argue, and hide your goodies that Jesus said to be on guard concerning your stuff, and to share it with the poor.

He simply commands "be generous."

Are you generous?

Or do you argue, and contemplate the meaning of greed, and generosity, and do you remember the last time that you were so generous to someone who in turn gave glory to God for what you did for them (Matthew 5:16), or do you keep track of your goodness, or is it so abundant that you cannot keep up with what your hands do for others (Matthew 6:3), or are you inspecting what others give?

The followers of Jesus are generous, and they don't need a praise pep band to get them motivated.

They give because the very Spirit of God lives in them to do the good that on their own they would not do in a million years.

Do you give generously to the poor?

Jesus commands it.

Do you carefully watch yourself to make sure that you are giving, and not hoarding?

Jesus commands it.

Those who love God obey him.

You'll be doing as he commands if you truly love him (I John 2:5, John 14:21, John 14:23).

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