January 20, 2016

The jurisdiction of the redeemed

If you call yourself redeemed, then what is it that is in your power to do?

What right, or rights, or jurisdiction do redeemed souls have?

Can a redeemed wife choose to not submit?

Can a redeemed soul really choose to not love?

Can a redeemed soul save anyone from anything?

Can a redeemed soul judge the status of another one's soul?

Do you think that any human can know the intent, or reasons why, others do what they do?

Upon re-birth, or regeneration, what power is given to the adopted child of God?


Before redemption, a soul tries to love, and fails, tries again, and fails, and on it goes ad nauseam.

Been there, done that? Tried and failed, and tried again, and keep failing continuously?

Jesus came, and as our substitute, and final sacrifice, we can find by his power, victory always.


The Spirit of God comes to live inside the new soul who has repented.

By his power, the repentant heart, loves, and loves, and loves till death.

And the only command given that must be followed, and will be followed after rebirth is love.

That soul will love God with all that is within them, and others just like they love themselves.

They will accomplish those two objectives, not of their own accord, for they have been bought with a price, and no longer belong to themselves, but they will succeed at those two endeavors because they have the very Spirit of God inside them to finally do what the Sovereign commands.

Their Sovereign does not share heart space.

In a soul, there is either the kingdom of God, and light, and heaven is their home, while on earth, or there is darkness, and wandering, not both.

The redeemed soul longs for their true home, and longs for nothing here on earth.

The redeemed soul finds that God is its idol, and nothing else, no matter what.

The right of fairness is a thing of the past.

They do not fight for fairness.

They fight invisible wars in heavenly places with a zeal not known to those who have no passion for the things of God, but with their new mind, that is Christ's, they think differently about all things.

Would they like for things to be fair?

Of course, but knowing things will never be fair, they love anyway, and in all ways as commanded.

Scripture is their exclusive guide.

They love, and they are aware that people will refuse to love them in return.

Just like Jesus, whom they follow, they go right on loving till death.

They are aware that those who should have their back, and be loyal to them,  just might not do that in return, and yet they love the one who reviles them, and they pray blessings for them.

They know it is only God who changes hearts, and they don't try to do that for him.

He is sovereign, not just in their words, but in their actions.

They let people change as God brings it to happen, and simply love as the process unfolds.

They do not look to what can be seen, and then behave accordingly.

They walk by faith, and confidence in the God of this universe, who is love.

Their love may not look like love to some, but they love anyway.

They will be accused of not loving, but they continue to love regardless of any accusations.

They hold no grudge, and their arms are open, and their lives are open, and they die to self.

The redeemed know that they do not belong to themselves, and therefore they have no rights.

The power that they have is to love, and they will do that for they can do nothing else.


Because they have been given a new heart.

The old one that stood its ground, and demanded its way?


They have a new nature.

The old one is no more.

They have victory over the darkness of sin, and they no longer desire the pig-sty.

Who would desire selfishness, and filth, and bondage after being made new, and set free?

Sin doesn't happen in a heart made new.

Repent and discover.

Change your mind about the filth that you do, and see what happens.

Jesus says to do something about the sin that you do if you desire salvation.

What is that something?

Jesus commands to all, "Repent."

Decide that you are wrong about something, and that something is the sin that you do.

It, sin, is always deceptive, and always a choice, and it, sin, is done because you love it.

Jesus said so.

To not love is to hate.

To not give is to be selfish.

To speak of the personal affairs of others is gossip.

To insult the integrity of another is to revile them.

To get drunk, or to be a glutton, is sin.

To think about anyone, but your spouse, and want them, is adultery.

To not love on a "neighbor," and to not give to the poor, is rebellion.

To not know, and believe the words of Jesus (all of them), and do them (all of them), is to be lost.

The jurisdiction of a believer is love.

That is all.

Can you do that?

If not, then you do not believe, and you must repent first, and then you'll believe.

After repentance, the miracle occurs, and you love God with all your heart, and your neighbor too.

You will have found your jurisdiction.

You will then know the power to love.

You will then be set free, and free indeed, and you will never hate again.


You are commanded by Jesus to change your mind about the sin that you do.

Have you done that?

If you won't, then he has the power, and will use it, to speak plainly to you at the judgment seat.

He is plainly speaking to you now.

Stop doing what you are doing.

Do you not want to stop?

That is your choice.

Think that you cannot stop?

That is a lie.

Don't think that you must?

Think again if you want to know God now, and go to heaven to be with him later.

Only the pure in heart know him now, and will see him later.

Read the words of Jesus, and see for yourself, or do you think it is not necessary?

You do not know him if you do not know his words.

Study, and be approved. Endure to the end, and be saved. Repent, and believe.

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