January 23, 2016

Thank you, but no reminders are necessary

When going through tough times, have you heard platitudes like this:

"Remember that you are a child of God; this will pass; he loves you, and don't forget to pray!"


So how does that work?

Can someone, who is the child of the King, simply forget?

With an earthly relationship, that might happen, but how does that happen with the King of kings?

Or would you tell me, or allow someone to convince you, that once a person repents...

and gets a new heart (mind)...

and now thinks differently about all things...

and is adopted by God...

and now has his ear...

and is held in his hand....

can then somewhere along the narrow way somehow forget who the Father is...

and even more incredible, that the great Creator, and all powerful God, would allow that to occur?


Does anyone of sound mind, who knows their earthly father, ever forget who he is, or was?


The soul who repents, and then knows God as Father, will never forget that they know him.

The redeemed soul communes with the CREATOR, the God of all gods, and he is daddy to them!

To think, or say otherwise would be to say,

"Yes, I met the creator of the world, but help me remember who he is for he wasn't all that memorable. I'm told that he not only shows love to his children, but that he is love. I've heard that he is all-powerful, and can make a soul brand new, but we don't talk much, if ever, and I still love sin."


Many misrepresent God, and many, who claim to know him, are still bound to sin, and prefer it.

That is how Jesus explains it (John 3:19).

To do sin is to love it.

If you sin, then it is because it is preferred over obedience to love God with all your heart.

If you sin, it is because you prefer it to loving others as you love yourself.

Until one, who is in sin, agrees with God about it, and changes their mind concerning it, then the one committing sin will not have a relationship with God, and many will think that hard times pass, and that they just need to be reminded to pray, and they will believe that they are a child of the King, and they will pray, and do "things" that look good, as if true salvation is the work of doing certain things.

Is it really?

Is salvation procured by any works at all?

The new creation, who repents, is then given a heart like God's.

His Spirit lives in them, and they do not forget to pray.

They know that hard times will always be a fact of life, and they look to their example, Jesus.

Jesus lived a perfect life before God, and loved everyone, and was persecuted.

And he says, "Follow me."

A soul, who has been made new, knows of God's care, for they belong to him, and are born of him.

They do not continue to sin (I John 3:9).

Sin cannot happen in them (I John 3:9).

God is not a Father who hides from his child, nor allows her/him to suffer without comfort, and in fact, he does not even allow them to be tempted to sin beyond what they can say no to in this world.

Read I Corinthians 10:13, and see for yourself.

God keeps his child from slipping (Psalm 121:3).

If not, then why the need for Jesus?

If there is no complete victory over sin, then why the final sacrifice?

What is the reason for having the mind of Christ, and being made new if behavior stays the same?

God's new creation behaves in love always, and no reminders are necessary.

They are new.

They stand amazed in the presence of God always.

God does not hide from them, and they never hide from him.

God only hides his face from the unrepentant, and the unrepentant hide from God.

God commands repentance, and that all mankind seek him while there is still time.

He does not say make as much money as you can while you still can.

He commands repentance.

As much as an earthly father can love his children, God loves supremely, and miraculously more those who repent, and are born new, and his wrath is on those who are disobedient (Colossians 3:6).

From the start of the new relationship, God makes himself very evident to the new born creation.

Don't be deceived, and don't let anyone tell you that you can forget a meeting with God.

I won't forget, and cannot forget the meeting we had.

It happened only after I agreed with him about the sin that I was doing.

After wondering if he heard me when I prayed, and after seeking his face concerning that issue, and after he continued to show me my sin, and after arguing with him about it, I finally had a split second thought, and agreed with him, and it went like this, "You're right," and then all things became new.

If you have to be reminded that you are a child of God, then you are not his child.

You cannot have a relationship with God, and forget you are his, and that you know him.

It is not possible that an adopted child of God would forget that God is their Father, or that he loves them, and when they suffer in any way, and they will, that they are then always comforted by him.

Don't deceive yourself, nor be deceived by supposed godly men, many of whom are wolves.

Many preachers will tell you that you have to do something like "read your Bible, and sing, and have devotions, and listen carefully' in order to hear God, and whatever nonsense they can think to say, but in all of that, they are saying that it is hard to hear God, and to know him, and you gotta do something to make it as a successful Christian, and you must do something draw near to God, and be good.

While still in sin, the only thing one can do, and is commanded to do, is to change their mind.

One thing is needed.


That takes admitting you are wrong.

It takes agreeing with God that your tolerance of people is not love, but hate.

It takes agreeing with God that the "little bit" of gossip that you do is sin.

And that the "little bit" of too much strong drink is drunkenness.

And that the drive for more, always more, is greed.

Those who live in sin are those who commit sin, and they fight agreeing with God about it.

If you want to call your gluttony simply "over-eating," then go ahead, but Scripture calls it sin.

You can insult others, and call it "insight," but Scripture calls it reviling.

And striving for this world's goods can be called "productive," but Scripture calls it greed.

No one born of God forgets to whom they belong, and they don't sin, for they hate it, and the bondage that it brings, and they want no more of it, and will have no more of it.

The new creation loves.

Until you come to your senses, and recognize that your sin is indeed sin, then you wander in darkness, and be aware that you will think that you walk in the light, but if you still sin, then you are in darkness, and are bound to it, and those who are set free from sin, are indeed truly free from it.

Sin always has the same consequences in a soul.

Sin does not behave differently in one soul than in another soul.

Jesus taught one way about sin.

Do you know what he taught about it?

It is time to know for yourself what Jesus taught.

You will be held accountable by Jesus at the judgment seat.

Once you repent, and believe what he says, then you will never forget to pray, or praise him.

You will never forget to whom you belong.

That cannot happen.

A true princess, or prince, will never forget their status with the King of kings, and their Father, God.

He instantaneously transforms those who repent, and gives them a heart like his.

They are new creations.

Because they have a new heart, they are then pure in heart.

The pure in heart will see God.

They never forget that a day is coming when they will finally be home, and they continuously long for that day, and until that day arrives, this world is strange to them, and they walk as strangers in it, and they never forget to whom they belong, for the One who died for them lives inside them.

That soul never forgets to praise the One who has set them free from darkness.

When wolves in sheep's clothing say that to overcome the world, and difficult days one just needs to remember that they are a child of God, and that he is love, the truly redeemed laugh, and say,

"Thank you, but no reminders are necessary."

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