January 8, 2016

Christian, copy God

"Therefore be imitators of God, as beloved children. And walk in love...." (Ephesians 5:1-2).

If you claim to know God, then the command is to copy him.

God is never drunk, or gossipy, and will never covet, steal, or slander, waste time, or be deceitful.

Sin is not to be named in the same context among the redeemed as is proper in a saint (verse 3).

In other words, one does not say, "I'm a Christian, and I sin."

Paul says that to do that is not true; redeemed one and sinner are not synonyms.

Evil, or darkness, or sin is not even to be thought of in connection with one who knows God.

Is that the case with you?

When someone thinks of you, do they also think of any sin be it coarse jesting, impure language, slander, greed, foolish talk or silliness, and any sexual improprieties, or do they simply think of someone who has a heart filled with contentment, joy, and thanksgiving? (verse 4)

Be sure if impurity of any kind is thought of in the context of you, you don't know God (verse 5).

Don't choose to be deceived, for some will try to make you think that is no big deal, hey, Christians sin after all, but that is not true, and God's wrath rests on those who sin (verse 6).

Don't claim someone as a friend if they claim to know God and still sin (verse 7).

If you know God, then at one time you walked in darkness, but not any more (verse 8).

If you know God, then you do not do dark deeds, or sin, but your fruit is good (verse 8&9).

You are constantly trying to discern God's will, and are studying to know it (verse 10).

If you are now a child of God, then you are obedient, you do not sin, or take part in any darkness, but you expose darkness by the way you live, and the deeds you do, and the words you speak (verse 11).

You do not laugh at, nor make light of, the darkness in others; it's never funny (verse 12).

By the way that you live, and in shining the light of God's truth, then darkness is exposed (verse 13).

You have been raised from the death that is always sin, and Christ shines in you (verse 14).

You are very careful how you walk, and you are wise, and you do not waste time (verse 15&16).

Don't think that everyone rejoices when sin is exposed, for those who sin, love it (John 3:19).

In imitating God, the redeemed will be intentionally misunderstood, but they rejoice (I Peter 4:14).

True believers will be spoken of insultingly, but they will bless those who curse them (I Cor. 4:12).

Those with new hearts do not sin (I John 3:9), for those who do sin, while enjoying God's mercies, still have the wrath of God on them, and unless they repent, they die with sin in them (Luke 13:3).

Sin in a person means that the person is expending energy on sin, and Jesus calls that type person a "worker of iniquity," and that type person is told to leave his presence at the judgment seat, and he will speak very plainly to you if you show up there with any sin on your soul (Matthew 7:23).

It is the soul that is redeemed, or made new, and the soul is the heart, and those made clean have pure hearts, and they do not get new hearts as they go to heaven, but new bodies (James 5:20 ESV).

This is a reminder.

If you call yourself a Christian, then copy God.

God never sins.

And to copy someone, one must know the behavior of that someone.

To know God, one must know his Word.

Do you?

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