January 9, 2016

Awake, O sleeper

 Awake, O Sleeper
and arise from the dead, 
and Christ will shine on you.
(Ephesians 5:14)
The apostle Paul tells the unbeliever to wake-up, rouse yourself, or come to your senses, much like the prodigal son did when he was living in sin in a pig-sty (Luke 15:17).

Wake up!


Change your mind.

Come to your senses.

Agree with God.

Do you sin?

Jesus says to change your mind about it.

He says that when you sin, then it is because of a love for it (John 3:19).

Do you agree with that?

To "believe" in Jesus is to accept as truth what he has said.

Jesus says to repent. It was the first word out of his mouth at the beginning of his ministry.

From the beginning to the end of his ministry, he preached it (Matthew 4:17).

Jesus says to agree with him about sin, and to change your mind about it.

If you sleep, then you miss out on something.

You will miss out on heaven if you sleep now, and stay in spiritual darkness, which is sin.

To do sin is to live in it, and to do sin is to practice it, and to do sin is to be separated from God.

If you commit adultery, do you not suppose you will be somehow separated from your spouse?

If you commit adultery, then you are separated from God.

All sin puts a stain, a dark one, on a soul, and separates that soul from God.

Sin causes a soul to be black, or dark— always.

In believing in Jesus, one accepts as truth his words, and they do them.

He says to change your mind about the sin that you do.

You do not do sin by accident.

It is committed because of love for it, and lust for it.

Like the prodigal, while in your pig-sty of living as you wish, change your mind.

Go home to the Father, and he will wash you, and cleanse you from all unrighteousness.

He gives, to those who change their minds about sin, a new heart.

That's the miracle of rebirth. The repentant gets new thoughts, and new love. It's given, never earned.

Wake up, change your mind, or miss out, and keep sinning, and expend energy on sin, and yes, even if you think it is just one sin, then you need the Savior, for to do one is to be guilty of all (James 2:10), and the Savior saves sinners from sin, not to sin again, but to never sin again (John 8:11).

The word "from" indicates a starting point of action.

Those who repent, move from sin, and are saved from sin.

They start over brand new, and sin is gone as far as east is from west.

If a person is saved from small-pox, then they do not have small-pox ever.

Jesus does not save from sin to put us back in sin, nor if we are crucified with Christ can we resurrect ourselves to do sin, for we are but clay, and can raise nothing from the dead.

Rouse yourself, sleeper, and repent.

Jesus says that metanoia is the one thing that you can do.

He commands it, as does God (Acts 17:30).

Rouse yourself, and do it.

Change your mind, and agree with God about the deceptively evil sin that you do.

Then the light of Christ will shine on you, and all things will become new.


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