January 30, 2016

All things ...... new

Upon true conversion, something dramatic occurs.

An old nature becomes new.

The old person, who did things, and said things, and believed things one way, doesn't any longer.

All things in that redeemed life are new— instantly.

That soul does not become new while still sinning, and walking the wide road one day, and then on other days, by walking on the narrow road, and walking in a serpentine fashion.

The new woman walks an entirely different way.

What is new?

Her way of thinking, which is to say her soul, or mind, is new.

She thinks differently about birthdays, Christmas, animals, God, her home, husband and children, her in-laws, the church, her clothes, make-up, and money, and music.

She believes differently about Scripture, salvation, and sugar.

She has the very mind of Christ in her.

What overshadows all her belief in all things?


Love for God is paramount, and love for others is predominate in her.

She loves God, and others just like she loves herself.

Her vision is different, and not just sometimes, for she is now in the Vine, and royal blood is in her.

She knows that she does not need to do anything to make this happen, nor can she do anything to make her salvation happen.

What she initially did, in her sin, was to change her mind concerning it.

Repentance brings salvation to a soul.

Do you want to be saved?


Change your mind about sin.

See it as God sees it, and agree with him about it.

What is your sin?

Do you have sin?

Name it.

If you cannot quite put your finger on what it is, then listen to what Jesus says you must do in order not to sin, and that is to love God with all your heart, and your neighbor as yourself.

Can that be said of you?

Will that be said of you, by Jesus, at the judgment seat?

Will he say that you prayed, and did great things, and cast out demons in his name, and did all things with no sin in you? Jesus says that is how it must be to enter heaven (Matthew 7:21-23).

All the law is boiled down to love God completely, and your neighbor as yourself.

Do you love God completely?

If so, then he will be all you want to talk about, and his Word is a delight to you, not just for five minutes a day, but it drives your soul, and fills you with joy continuously.

If so, then others will be served by you, and you will not be sitting waiting on service.

If so, then you will hold no grudge, and you willingly die for others now with humility, and love.

If all things have become new in you, then you will think differently about your weight, and worry, and wisdom, and faith, and friends, and fasting, as well as hate, and humor, and what is truly hideous.

Vacations, and vacillating, and victims all look different to the new born soul.

Have all things become new to you?

Do you have the mind of Christ?

Do you think that you have to do something to make all things new in you?

If so, what is it that you must do?

Would you say that becoming more Christlike is something that you must strive for in your life?

How much striving must a soul do once they come to Christ in repentance?

Is it for strife that one is set free from the old nature?

And if so, then it sounds like being a Christian is something that you must do.

One cannot do in themselves what only God can do.

Miracles are not of mere humans.

Repentance, on the other hand, is something everyone is commanded to do.

Agree with God about your sin.

Read what he says about it in Scripture, and ask yourself if you can stand before him with sin in you.

You will be held accountable for the choices you make.

God commands repentance (Acts 17:30), and Jesus preached it throughout his ministry (Matt. 4:17).

When you repent, then the miracle is given.

All things, not some things, but all things become new.

From A to Z, the whole spectrum of life, things change, for those who abide in the Vine.

Do you?

Do you abide in the Vine?

Do you do what is true?

If so, then you will come to the Light (John 3:21).

Have you repented, or do you want to continue to gossip, and usurp your husband's authority, and just tolerate people, but not truly love them, and do you want to continue to get drunk on occasion, and tell the dirty joke, and demean others with insults, and ignore the needy, and not help the orphan?

How is it one can think that their prayers are heard when they knowingly tell lies?

How is it that one can believe that they will go to heaven when they hold a grudge?

How is it that any of that depicts a soul made new when it sounds just like the world?

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