January 30, 2016

All things ...... new

Upon true conversion, something dramatic occurs.

An old nature becomes new.

The old person, who did things, and said things, and believed things one way, doesn't any longer.

All things in that redeemed life are new— instantly.

That soul does not become new while still sinning, and walking the wide road one day, and then on other days, by walking on the narrow road, and walking in a serpentine fashion.

The new woman walks an entirely different way.

What is new?

Her way of thinking, which is to say her soul, or mind, is new.

She thinks differently about birthdays, Christmas, animals, God, her home, husband and children, her in-laws, the church, her clothes, make-up, and money, and music.

She believes differently about Scripture, salvation, and sugar.

She has the very mind of Christ in her.

What overshadows all her belief in all things?


Love for God is paramount, and love for others is predominate in her.

She loves God, and others just like she loves herself.

Her vision is different, and not just sometimes, for she is now in the Vine, and royal blood is in her.

She knows that she does not need to do anything to make this happen, nor can she do anything to make her salvation happen.

What she initially did, in her sin, was to change her mind concerning it.

Repentance brings salvation to a soul.

Do you want to be saved?


Change your mind about sin.

See it as God sees it, and agree with him about it.

What is your sin?

Do you have sin?

Name it.

If you cannot quite put your finger on what it is, then listen to what Jesus says you must do in order not to sin, and that is to love God with all your heart, and your neighbor as yourself.

Can that be said of you?

Will that be said of you, by Jesus, at the judgment seat?

Will he say that you prayed, and did great things, and cast out demons in his name, and did all things with no sin in you? Jesus says that is how it must be to enter heaven (Matthew 7:21-23).

All the law is boiled down to love God completely, and your neighbor as yourself.

Do you love God completely?

If so, then he will be all you want to talk about, and his Word is a delight to you, not just for five minutes a day, but it drives your soul, and fills you with joy continuously.

If so, then others will be served by you, and you will not be sitting waiting on service.

If so, then you will hold no grudge, and you willingly die for others now with humility, and love.

If all things have become new in you, then you will think differently about your weight, and worry, and wisdom, and faith, and friends, and fasting, as well as hate, and humor, and what is truly hideous.

Vacations, and vacillating, and victims all look different to the new born soul.

Have all things become new to you?

Do you have the mind of Christ?

Do you think that you have to do something to make all things new in you?

If so, what is it that you must do?

Would you say that becoming more Christlike is something that you must strive for in your life?

How much striving must a soul do once they come to Christ in repentance?

Is it for strife that one is set free from the old nature?

And if so, then it sounds like being a Christian is something that you must do.

One cannot do in themselves what only God can do.

Miracles are not of mere humans.

Repentance, on the other hand, is something everyone is commanded to do.

Agree with God about your sin.

Read what he says about it in Scripture, and ask yourself if you can stand before him with sin in you.

You will be held accountable for the choices you make.

God commands repentance (Acts 17:30), and Jesus preached it throughout his ministry (Matt. 4:17).

When you repent, then the miracle is given.

All things, not some things, but all things become new.

From A to Z, the whole spectrum of life, things change, for those who abide in the Vine.

Do you?

Do you abide in the Vine?

Do you do what is true?

If so, then you will come to the Light (John 3:21).

Have you repented, or do you want to continue to gossip, and usurp your husband's authority, and just tolerate people, but not truly love them, and do you want to continue to get drunk on occasion, and tell the dirty joke, and demean others with insults, and ignore the needy, and not help the orphan?

How is it one can think that their prayers are heard when they knowingly tell lies?

How is it that one can believe that they will go to heaven when they hold a grudge?

How is it that any of that depicts a soul made new when it sounds just like the world?

January 29, 2016

What is precious to you?

Those who love God's Word will be hiding it in their hearts.

Interestingly they will not need to be told to do that.

What is it that you do with passion that no one needs to remind you to do it?

No one has to tell me to eat chocolate.

Because of the very Spirit of God, who lives inside the mind of the redeemed, they treasure it.

They don't have go to church, and hear the preacher say that they are supposed to do that, and then go do that, kind of like the perfunctory jobs one must do like cleaning the toilet when it needs it.

Reading the Word is not an "I gotta go do this" type activity for the one who loves God.

It is all that they want to do.

Their whole heart craves God, for they have a new one, a new nature, and the old one is gone.

As far as the east is from the west, the old mind, which loved sin, is gone.

The new soul loves the Word.

What is loved is done.

The redeemed love the Word, and they read it, and conceal it deep in their minds, and it is where they run for comfort, and strength, and rest, and they find it to be their all in all, and they want not.

Contentment is theirs.

"I have hidden your word in my heart, that I might not sin against you," Psalm 119:11.

The psalmist is saying that the reason that he encloses the Word in his mind is to show the Lord that his inclination is to not sin. The redeemed have new inclinations. They love God, not sin.

People who sin do so for the love of it, and the redeemed do not love sin, they love God.

When a woman loves a man, she memorizes things about him, and she sins not against him, nor betrays him to anyone, for he is precious to her, and what we find precious, we protect, and guard.

The redeemed love the Word. The drive to read it, and know it, does not come and go like a craving for chocolate may in a person. The redeemed are new people, and they behave in new ways, always.

In their minds, they think of God, and his Word, and just as a wise woman would not leave what precious jewels she may have out and about her home for sticky fingers to find, the wise woman, and only the redeemed woman is wise, will devour the Word, and her heart is its hiding place.

The Word, and only the Word, is a very lamp to her feet helping her in a dark world.

She does not flaunt her knowledge and recite the Word constantly to others, just as a wise woman does not flaunt whatever gold, and silver she may have, but the Word, the very Spirit of God is her help in times of trouble, and she rests in knowing God's word, and she is blessed (happy!), and she blesses, and not just sometimes when she feels like it, but always, for she does not live by feelings, but by faith, and she gives, and is generous, for God, who is love, lives in her, and she obeys him.

What cravings do you obey?

What is hiding in your heart?

What do you have memorized?

The sins of others?

Do you remember all the transgressions that others have perpetrated against you?

Are you holding grudges in your heart?

Do you keep trivia stored up in your brain?

Do you know the latest Hollywood gossip, and trends, and pop songs?

Are all your favorite TV show times stored away so that you don't miss any entertainment?

What's in your mind?

Whatever it is will come out of your mouth.

Your mouth will be your guide as to what it is that you love.

Do you talk about others?

Or is there a drive in you to only talk about the Lord and his Word?

"Love the Lord your God with all your mind," Luke 10:27.

Can it be said that you love God with all of your mind?

That's the command.

Repent and believe.

January 23, 2016

Thank you, but no reminders are necessary

When going through tough times, have you heard platitudes like this:

"Remember that you are a child of God; this will pass; he loves you, and don't forget to pray!"


So how does that work?

Can someone, who is the child of the King, simply forget?

With an earthly relationship, that might happen, but how does that happen with the King of kings?

Or would you tell me, or allow someone to convince you, that once a person repents...

and gets a new heart (mind)...

and now thinks differently about all things...

and is adopted by God...

and now has his ear...

and is held in his hand....

can then somewhere along the narrow way somehow forget who the Father is...

and even more incredible, that the great Creator, and all powerful God, would allow that to occur?


Does anyone of sound mind, who knows their earthly father, ever forget who he is, or was?


The soul who repents, and then knows God as Father, will never forget that they know him.

The redeemed soul communes with the CREATOR, the God of all gods, and he is daddy to them!

To think, or say otherwise would be to say,

"Yes, I met the creator of the world, but help me remember who he is for he wasn't all that memorable. I'm told that he not only shows love to his children, but that he is love. I've heard that he is all-powerful, and can make a soul brand new, but we don't talk much, if ever, and I still love sin."


Many misrepresent God, and many, who claim to know him, are still bound to sin, and prefer it.

That is how Jesus explains it (John 3:19).

To do sin is to love it.

If you sin, then it is because it is preferred over obedience to love God with all your heart.

If you sin, it is because you prefer it to loving others as you love yourself.

Until one, who is in sin, agrees with God about it, and changes their mind concerning it, then the one committing sin will not have a relationship with God, and many will think that hard times pass, and that they just need to be reminded to pray, and they will believe that they are a child of the King, and they will pray, and do "things" that look good, as if true salvation is the work of doing certain things.

Is it really?

Is salvation procured by any works at all?

The new creation, who repents, is then given a heart like God's.

His Spirit lives in them, and they do not forget to pray.

They know that hard times will always be a fact of life, and they look to their example, Jesus.

Jesus lived a perfect life before God, and loved everyone, and was persecuted.

And he says, "Follow me."

A soul, who has been made new, knows of God's care, for they belong to him, and are born of him.

They do not continue to sin (I John 3:9).

Sin cannot happen in them (I John 3:9).

God is not a Father who hides from his child, nor allows her/him to suffer without comfort, and in fact, he does not even allow them to be tempted to sin beyond what they can say no to in this world.

Read I Corinthians 10:13, and see for yourself.

God keeps his child from slipping (Psalm 121:3).

If not, then why the need for Jesus?

If there is no complete victory over sin, then why the final sacrifice?

What is the reason for having the mind of Christ, and being made new if behavior stays the same?

God's new creation behaves in love always, and no reminders are necessary.

They are new.

They stand amazed in the presence of God always.

God does not hide from them, and they never hide from him.

God only hides his face from the unrepentant, and the unrepentant hide from God.

God commands repentance, and that all mankind seek him while there is still time.

He does not say make as much money as you can while you still can.

He commands repentance.

As much as an earthly father can love his children, God loves supremely, and miraculously more those who repent, and are born new, and his wrath is on those who are disobedient (Colossians 3:6).

From the start of the new relationship, God makes himself very evident to the new born creation.

Don't be deceived, and don't let anyone tell you that you can forget a meeting with God.

I won't forget, and cannot forget the meeting we had.

It happened only after I agreed with him about the sin that I was doing.

After wondering if he heard me when I prayed, and after seeking his face concerning that issue, and after he continued to show me my sin, and after arguing with him about it, I finally had a split second thought, and agreed with him, and it went like this, "You're right," and then all things became new.

If you have to be reminded that you are a child of God, then you are not his child.

You cannot have a relationship with God, and forget you are his, and that you know him.

It is not possible that an adopted child of God would forget that God is their Father, or that he loves them, and when they suffer in any way, and they will, that they are then always comforted by him.

Don't deceive yourself, nor be deceived by supposed godly men, many of whom are wolves.

Many preachers will tell you that you have to do something like "read your Bible, and sing, and have devotions, and listen carefully' in order to hear God, and whatever nonsense they can think to say, but in all of that, they are saying that it is hard to hear God, and to know him, and you gotta do something to make it as a successful Christian, and you must do something draw near to God, and be good.

While still in sin, the only thing one can do, and is commanded to do, is to change their mind.

One thing is needed.


That takes admitting you are wrong.

It takes agreeing with God that your tolerance of people is not love, but hate.

It takes agreeing with God that the "little bit" of gossip that you do is sin.

And that the "little bit" of too much strong drink is drunkenness.

And that the drive for more, always more, is greed.

Those who live in sin are those who commit sin, and they fight agreeing with God about it.

If you want to call your gluttony simply "over-eating," then go ahead, but Scripture calls it sin.

You can insult others, and call it "insight," but Scripture calls it reviling.

And striving for this world's goods can be called "productive," but Scripture calls it greed.

No one born of God forgets to whom they belong, and they don't sin, for they hate it, and the bondage that it brings, and they want no more of it, and will have no more of it.

The new creation loves.

Until you come to your senses, and recognize that your sin is indeed sin, then you wander in darkness, and be aware that you will think that you walk in the light, but if you still sin, then you are in darkness, and are bound to it, and those who are set free from sin, are indeed truly free from it.

Sin always has the same consequences in a soul.

Sin does not behave differently in one soul than in another soul.

Jesus taught one way about sin.

Do you know what he taught about it?

It is time to know for yourself what Jesus taught.

You will be held accountable by Jesus at the judgment seat.

Once you repent, and believe what he says, then you will never forget to pray, or praise him.

You will never forget to whom you belong.

That cannot happen.

A true princess, or prince, will never forget their status with the King of kings, and their Father, God.

He instantaneously transforms those who repent, and gives them a heart like his.

They are new creations.

Because they have a new heart, they are then pure in heart.

The pure in heart will see God.

They never forget that a day is coming when they will finally be home, and they continuously long for that day, and until that day arrives, this world is strange to them, and they walk as strangers in it, and they never forget to whom they belong, for the One who died for them lives inside them.

That soul never forgets to praise the One who has set them free from darkness.

When wolves in sheep's clothing say that to overcome the world, and difficult days one just needs to remember that they are a child of God, and that he is love, the truly redeemed laugh, and say,

"Thank you, but no reminders are necessary."

January 20, 2016

The jurisdiction of the redeemed

If you call yourself redeemed, then what is it that is in your power to do?

What right, or rights, or jurisdiction do redeemed souls have?

Can a redeemed wife choose to not submit?

Can a redeemed soul really choose to not love?

Can a redeemed soul save anyone from anything?

Can a redeemed soul judge the status of another one's soul?

Do you think that any human can know the intent, or reasons why, others do what they do?

Upon re-birth, or regeneration, what power is given to the adopted child of God?


Before redemption, a soul tries to love, and fails, tries again, and fails, and on it goes ad nauseam.

Been there, done that? Tried and failed, and tried again, and keep failing continuously?

Jesus came, and as our substitute, and final sacrifice, we can find by his power, victory always.


The Spirit of God comes to live inside the new soul who has repented.

By his power, the repentant heart, loves, and loves, and loves till death.

And the only command given that must be followed, and will be followed after rebirth is love.

That soul will love God with all that is within them, and others just like they love themselves.

They will accomplish those two objectives, not of their own accord, for they have been bought with a price, and no longer belong to themselves, but they will succeed at those two endeavors because they have the very Spirit of God inside them to finally do what the Sovereign commands.

Their Sovereign does not share heart space.

In a soul, there is either the kingdom of God, and light, and heaven is their home, while on earth, or there is darkness, and wandering, not both.

The redeemed soul longs for their true home, and longs for nothing here on earth.

The redeemed soul finds that God is its idol, and nothing else, no matter what.

The right of fairness is a thing of the past.

They do not fight for fairness.

They fight invisible wars in heavenly places with a zeal not known to those who have no passion for the things of God, but with their new mind, that is Christ's, they think differently about all things.

Would they like for things to be fair?

Of course, but knowing things will never be fair, they love anyway, and in all ways as commanded.

Scripture is their exclusive guide.

They love, and they are aware that people will refuse to love them in return.

Just like Jesus, whom they follow, they go right on loving till death.

They are aware that those who should have their back, and be loyal to them,  just might not do that in return, and yet they love the one who reviles them, and they pray blessings for them.

They know it is only God who changes hearts, and they don't try to do that for him.

He is sovereign, not just in their words, but in their actions.

They let people change as God brings it to happen, and simply love as the process unfolds.

They do not look to what can be seen, and then behave accordingly.

They walk by faith, and confidence in the God of this universe, who is love.

Their love may not look like love to some, but they love anyway.

They will be accused of not loving, but they continue to love regardless of any accusations.

They hold no grudge, and their arms are open, and their lives are open, and they die to self.

The redeemed know that they do not belong to themselves, and therefore they have no rights.

The power that they have is to love, and they will do that for they can do nothing else.


Because they have been given a new heart.

The old one that stood its ground, and demanded its way?


They have a new nature.

The old one is no more.

They have victory over the darkness of sin, and they no longer desire the pig-sty.

Who would desire selfishness, and filth, and bondage after being made new, and set free?

Sin doesn't happen in a heart made new.

Repent and discover.

Change your mind about the filth that you do, and see what happens.

Jesus says to do something about the sin that you do if you desire salvation.

What is that something?

Jesus commands to all, "Repent."

Decide that you are wrong about something, and that something is the sin that you do.

It, sin, is always deceptive, and always a choice, and it, sin, is done because you love it.

Jesus said so.

To not love is to hate.

To not give is to be selfish.

To speak of the personal affairs of others is gossip.

To insult the integrity of another is to revile them.

To get drunk, or to be a glutton, is sin.

To think about anyone, but your spouse, and want them, is adultery.

To not love on a "neighbor," and to not give to the poor, is rebellion.

To not know, and believe the words of Jesus (all of them), and do them (all of them), is to be lost.

The jurisdiction of a believer is love.

That is all.

Can you do that?

If not, then you do not believe, and you must repent first, and then you'll believe.

After repentance, the miracle occurs, and you love God with all your heart, and your neighbor too.

You will have found your jurisdiction.

You will then know the power to love.

You will then be set free, and free indeed, and you will never hate again.


You are commanded by Jesus to change your mind about the sin that you do.

Have you done that?

If you won't, then he has the power, and will use it, to speak plainly to you at the judgment seat.

He is plainly speaking to you now.

Stop doing what you are doing.

Do you not want to stop?

That is your choice.

Think that you cannot stop?

That is a lie.

Don't think that you must?

Think again if you want to know God now, and go to heaven to be with him later.

Only the pure in heart know him now, and will see him later.

Read the words of Jesus, and see for yourself, or do you think it is not necessary?

You do not know him if you do not know his words.

Study, and be approved. Endure to the end, and be saved. Repent, and believe.

January 19, 2016

Rejected by Jesus

At the judgment seat, Jesus will speak plainly, and will tell certain people to leave his presence.

It is a fact that the individuals to whom he speaks plainly (Matthew 7:23 NIV), and tells them to leave his presence are those who have prayed in his name.

Individuals who have done great things in his name will be told to leave his presence.

People who have cast out demons in his name will go to hell, as well as deceived souls who have preached in his name, and performed miracles in his name.

Consider that saying the name of Jesus while doing things does not guarantee entry to heaven.

Praying, miracles, exorcism, mighty works, and preaching done in the name of Jesus means nothing.

It is only accepted by Jesus if all those things are done in complete purity.

Consider that Jesus says that anyone who exerts any energy on sin will be told to depart from him.

Keep in mind that purity does not happen on the way to the judgment seat when your last breath is drawn here on earth.

You cannot, and will not find that in Scripture.

Your perfection happens here on earth upon repentance.

Your perfection happens here on earth upon receiving a new heart.

The order of things, as preached (commanded) by Jesus (Matthew 4:17), is to repent, then believe.

And by repent, Jesus means that you must change your mind about the sin that you do.

You must call sin, and see sin, as he sees sin, and as he says that sin is.

Do you know precisely what Jesus says about sin?

If you do not, then you will be rejected by him, for to believe in Jesus is to accept all that he says.

And you can only accept it if you know it.

And you can only know it after you repent.

And not only that, but once you repent, then you will study the Word, and do it.

You can, and will do all that he commands once you repent.

Upon repentance, a miracle occurs, not of your doing, but of God's, and that is the rebirth.

The truly redeemed have new hearts, and that means a new mind, and a completely new way of thinking about all things, and better still, they have the ability to do as commanded.

The old you is gone. The old desire to sin is gone. The new nature is in the repentant.

God's spirit lives in the redeemed to accomplish what they cannot do on their own.

God will not allow temptations to be too strong for the new soul (I Corinthians 10:13).

God's spirit does what the redeemed cannot do which is to live perfectly in love.

That is the reason for the final sacrifice of Jesus.

Continue to sin, and you'll be rejected by Jesus.

"For if we go on sinning deliberately after receiving the knowledge of the truth, there no longer remains a sacrifice for sins, but a fearful expectation of judgment, and a fury of fire that will consume the adversaries." (Hebrews 10:26-27 ESV)

Does Jesus say that all sin is deliberate?

If you say that you believe in him, then you know his words, and abide in them.

Do you?

If not, then you will be rejected by him.

Wake up. Study. Be approved.

January 18, 2016

Do you believe?

"Such a person is double-minded and unstable in all they do," (James 1:8).

James is telling us that there are those who are unstable, or are mentally and emotionally likely to change depending on events, and that person does not behave one way and then another sometimes, but it is a constant occurrence, for James says in "all they do" they are wishy-washy, and not secure.

James gives us the characteristics of a double-minded person in verses six and seven.

First of all, James wrote this letter to the twelve tribes scattered throughout the world, or to believers, but not everyone who heard the letters were believers, and the letters are constantly defining what a believer does, and how they live, so that one can know for sure that they are a believer.

That's why Scripture is given— so that we may know that we really have eternal life (I John 5:13).

So who are the double-minded souls, and are you one of them?

You are double-minded, according to verse six and seven, if when you speak to God, then you still have doubt. If your prayers end in anxious behavior, and fear, and not trust in the God to whom you  think that you pray, then you are also told not to expect anything, nothing at all, from the Lord.

You will also be like a wave in the ocean driven about, and tossed about, and blown by the wind.

You will be one who is happy, and then sad, and up, and then down.

Circumstances throw you.

Curve balls are not allowed in your world.

Plans need to go according to the plan, or else.

You love only if everyone behaves themselves.

You are kind only if rules are followed.

You suffer long with someone only if they do what is expected of them.

Otherwise your temper flares, and you find yourself wondering if there is a God in heaven.

You find yourself cheating in your mind against your husband, and will be disloyal to him.

You find ways to get around doing what you ought, and tell falsehoods to make things happen.

You find you cannot be kind, nor do you want to be kind to all.

In all your ways you are first one way, and then another.

Your husband will not know which gal is in the kitchen when he gets home.

A stable person, on the other hand, is always kind, thoughtful, and will suffer long— till death.

Which one are you?

Stable or unstable?

Do you believe that a person is really all one way, or the other, as Scripture says?

Or do you think that James over-stated this whole idea of stability, and double-mindedness?

The truly redeemed have the mind of Christ, and believe what Scripture says is true.

The mind of Christ is in the redeemed, and their old nature, and instability, is gone.

They have been crucified (Galatians 2:20).

Crucifixion is done to someone.

Upon repentance, a soul is crucified with Christ, and comes alive to him, not by anything they do.

Yes, they see themselves in a new way, and reckon themselves dead (Romans 6:11).

To "reckon" is to say, "Yep. It's true!" and to believe a certain way about something.

It is to wake up in the mornings, and say, "Yep, I'm still dead to me!"

It is a miracle done only by God— upon repentance.

It is marvelous, for it is not done by any work any woman, or man can do.

God keeps them from being tempted beyond what they can bear (I Corinthians 10:13).

They always are victorious, for Christ lives in them, and accomplishes the victory for them.

But first they had to come to their senses, and change their mind about the sin in them.

Then all the unrighteousness is washed from them (I John 1:9).

Repent, and then you will believe that a double-minded person is unstable in all that they do.

Yes, it is true.

You cannot be saved, and be up, and then down, and good, and then bad.

That is instability.

The stable soul has the love of God, and the love of God in a soul flows always (Romans 5:5).

Or do you not believe it?

January 14, 2016


What one thing would you never do?

What one thing do you hate, and would easily leave alone?

Are you able to leave something alone that is dangerous to do?

We choose to do what we enjoy, and some enjoy danger.

While it may be difficult to admit, it is true that if we sin, it is because of a love for it (John 3:19).

Supposedly good preachers will say that mankind is so depraved that they cannot even choose not to sin, and that it is only after knowing grace that we can begin to choose, but before that, we are just such horrible creatures who don't know the difference between good and evil, and can't even choose.

That is a lie, for God has revealed himself to everyone (Romans 1:20)

As that is true, then everyone knows the difference between hate and love, and good and bad, and it is clearly seen, but good is not always chosen, as we see with Adam and Eve, and all mankind.

Did not God give Adam and Eve a command?

He did indeed.

They could have obeyed, but decided not to do as commanded.

He commands everyone to repent (Acts 17:30).

Many will not (Matthew 7:13).

And good is not always chosen until repentance, or metanoia, or after a change of mind.

When you see a bottle that is labeled "poison," then do you decide to pick it up and drink?

Would you ever?


But you would know that most likely death would follow if you continue to drink?

Poison may eventually kill depending on the amount ingested.

But sin always kills.

Some sin results in immediate physical death.

Some sin does not.

But all sin eventually kills.

If you want to say that you can still sin, and be saved, then you do not believe that it kills.

No one, who wants to live, keeps drinking poison.

We keep poison locked up, and away from children, and clearly identified, and warn others about it.

At least those of us who love others will do that.

If you love sin, then you do it.

Jesus said so (John 3:19).

And no one, who has the seed of God in them, continues to sin (I John 3:9).

Sin is always like poison in a soul. The nature of sin does not change. The nature of man can.

Only in metanoia.

Only by changing your mind about the sin that you do will you be given a new nature, or heart.

But you have to do something first.

In your sin, just like the prodigal, change your mind, or come to your senses about it.

Agree with God that it is poison.

Repent first, Jesus said (Matthew 4:17).

No one is washed of sin before admitting that they do it.

We are not forced to be washed.

We are not forced to stop sinning.

If you choose to continue to sin, even if you think your sins are small, and no big deal, then you will die in your sins (Luke 13:3).

You have no relationship with the Father if you sin.

He does not hear you speak until you turn from your sin (Psalm 66:18).

You can still pray all that you want, but he isn't hearing you.

There will be many who will tell Jesus, "but we prayed and used the Lord's name!" and he will say, "Depart from me you worker of iniquity," (Matthew 7:23).

Sin is only similar to poison.

Poison is a substance with the inherent property that tends to destroy life.

It may or may not kill you.

But unlike poison, sin will you.

Make no mistake.

Even a little bit of sin kills, for there is no little bit with Jesus, for to do one sin makes you a slave to it according to him (John 8:34), and to do one sin means you are guilty of all sin (James 2:10).

After becoming a new person, no one has to try to be good, yet that is what preachers will say.

Those who are truly saved have died yet still live - Galatians 2:20.

No poison was used.

Grace was applied.

Sin was washed, and all of the sin that was in the soul is gone (I John 1:9).

When metanoia occurs, grace follows, and a new nature is realized.

Turn from the sin that you are choosing to do, and be washed, and never sin again.

"Be perfect," is the command from Jesus (Matthew 5:48).

You had best better obey him, and he said to change your mind about the sin that you do.


Seek to know what he meant by that.

Jesus did not mince his words.

Repent and believe.

January 12, 2016

Asking, seeking, knocking

Have you thought about the following questions:

How does Jesus define sin?

Where Jesus say that sin resides in a person?

How does Jesus classify all those who sin, or does he give several classifications?

What does Jesus command everyone to do about sin?

Why was Jesus sent to earth?

What reason does Jesus give for why sin is committed?

What does Jesus say at the judgment seat?

Do you carefully examine, and contemplate the Word, and the apply it to every area of your life?

Is that even necessary?

Do you leave the study of Scriptures to someone else, who you then expect to spoon-feed you?

If so, what if they are wrong?

Do you know for sure that God hears your prayers?

If so, how are you confident of that?

January 9, 2016

Awake, O sleeper

 Awake, O Sleeper
and arise from the dead, 
and Christ will shine on you.
(Ephesians 5:14)
The apostle Paul tells the unbeliever to wake-up, rouse yourself, or come to your senses, much like the prodigal son did when he was living in sin in a pig-sty (Luke 15:17).

Wake up!


Change your mind.

Come to your senses.

Agree with God.

Do you sin?

Jesus says to change your mind about it.

He says that when you sin, then it is because of a love for it (John 3:19).

Do you agree with that?

To "believe" in Jesus is to accept as truth what he has said.

Jesus says to repent. It was the first word out of his mouth at the beginning of his ministry.

From the beginning to the end of his ministry, he preached it (Matthew 4:17).

Jesus says to agree with him about sin, and to change your mind about it.

If you sleep, then you miss out on something.

You will miss out on heaven if you sleep now, and stay in spiritual darkness, which is sin.

To do sin is to live in it, and to do sin is to practice it, and to do sin is to be separated from God.

If you commit adultery, do you not suppose you will be somehow separated from your spouse?

If you commit adultery, then you are separated from God.

All sin puts a stain, a dark one, on a soul, and separates that soul from God.

Sin causes a soul to be black, or dark— always.

In believing in Jesus, one accepts as truth his words, and they do them.

He says to change your mind about the sin that you do.

You do not do sin by accident.

It is committed because of love for it, and lust for it.

Like the prodigal, while in your pig-sty of living as you wish, change your mind.

Go home to the Father, and he will wash you, and cleanse you from all unrighteousness.

He gives, to those who change their minds about sin, a new heart.

That's the miracle of rebirth. The repentant gets new thoughts, and new love. It's given, never earned.

Wake up, change your mind, or miss out, and keep sinning, and expend energy on sin, and yes, even if you think it is just one sin, then you need the Savior, for to do one is to be guilty of all (James 2:10), and the Savior saves sinners from sin, not to sin again, but to never sin again (John 8:11).

The word "from" indicates a starting point of action.

Those who repent, move from sin, and are saved from sin.

They start over brand new, and sin is gone as far as east is from west.

If a person is saved from small-pox, then they do not have small-pox ever.

Jesus does not save from sin to put us back in sin, nor if we are crucified with Christ can we resurrect ourselves to do sin, for we are but clay, and can raise nothing from the dead.

Rouse yourself, sleeper, and repent.

Jesus says that metanoia is the one thing that you can do.

He commands it, as does God (Acts 17:30).

Rouse yourself, and do it.

Change your mind, and agree with God about the deceptively evil sin that you do.

Then the light of Christ will shine on you, and all things will become new.


January 8, 2016

Christian, copy God

"Therefore be imitators of God, as beloved children. And walk in love...." (Ephesians 5:1-2).

If you claim to know God, then the command is to copy him.

God is never drunk, or gossipy, and will never covet, steal, or slander, waste time, or be deceitful.

Sin is not to be named in the same context among the redeemed as is proper in a saint (verse 3).

In other words, one does not say, "I'm a Christian, and I sin."

Paul says that to do that is not true; redeemed one and sinner are not synonyms.

Evil, or darkness, or sin is not even to be thought of in connection with one who knows God.

Is that the case with you?

When someone thinks of you, do they also think of any sin be it coarse jesting, impure language, slander, greed, foolish talk or silliness, and any sexual improprieties, or do they simply think of someone who has a heart filled with contentment, joy, and thanksgiving? (verse 4)

Be sure if impurity of any kind is thought of in the context of you, you don't know God (verse 5).

Don't choose to be deceived, for some will try to make you think that is no big deal, hey, Christians sin after all, but that is not true, and God's wrath rests on those who sin (verse 6).

Don't claim someone as a friend if they claim to know God and still sin (verse 7).

If you know God, then at one time you walked in darkness, but not any more (verse 8).

If you know God, then you do not do dark deeds, or sin, but your fruit is good (verse 8&9).

You are constantly trying to discern God's will, and are studying to know it (verse 10).

If you are now a child of God, then you are obedient, you do not sin, or take part in any darkness, but you expose darkness by the way you live, and the deeds you do, and the words you speak (verse 11).

You do not laugh at, nor make light of, the darkness in others; it's never funny (verse 12).

By the way that you live, and in shining the light of God's truth, then darkness is exposed (verse 13).

You have been raised from the death that is always sin, and Christ shines in you (verse 14).

You are very careful how you walk, and you are wise, and you do not waste time (verse 15&16).

Don't think that everyone rejoices when sin is exposed, for those who sin, love it (John 3:19).

In imitating God, the redeemed will be intentionally misunderstood, but they rejoice (I Peter 4:14).

True believers will be spoken of insultingly, but they will bless those who curse them (I Cor. 4:12).

Those with new hearts do not sin (I John 3:9), for those who do sin, while enjoying God's mercies, still have the wrath of God on them, and unless they repent, they die with sin in them (Luke 13:3).

Sin in a person means that the person is expending energy on sin, and Jesus calls that type person a "worker of iniquity," and that type person is told to leave his presence at the judgment seat, and he will speak very plainly to you if you show up there with any sin on your soul (Matthew 7:23).

It is the soul that is redeemed, or made new, and the soul is the heart, and those made clean have pure hearts, and they do not get new hearts as they go to heaven, but new bodies (James 5:20 ESV).

This is a reminder.

If you call yourself a Christian, then copy God.

God never sins.

And to copy someone, one must know the behavior of that someone.

To know God, one must know his Word.

Do you?

January 7, 2016

Watch out; give generously to the poor

Jesus commands those who follow him to 'be on guard' concerning many things.

We find one particular instance in Luke 12:15 where the statement is made as follows:

"Watch out! Be on guard against all kinds of greed."

In the previous chapter, we find Jesus commanding his followers to "be generous to the poor," (ll:41).

Generous- freely giving of valuable things.

Greed - selfish desire to have more of something (especially money).

If you live with clinched fists, then you keep what is yours, and will hoard it, and you will not be sharing freely of what you consider valuable with anyone, and especially not with the poor.

A soul is either generous always, or pretending to be generous, and then wishing they had not been that way, and wishing people would leave them alone, or they are selfish, and never give.

But in all of those situations, one is really either generous, or they are not.

A good tree is generous, and a bad tree is not (Matthew 7:18).

Jesus said you live one way or the other, not both.

Good trees always generously give, and never exhibit the bad fruit of hoarding, and selfishness.

They have no secret stash kept only for them.

Wives, who love God with all their heart, share all that they have to the end of it with their husbands.

They also share with the poor, and will stretch out their hands to do so (Proverbs 31:20).

They exert effort in their sharing. They give in good weather and bad. They are always giving. 

Argue if you wish about who is really poor, and remember as you argue, and hide your goodies that Jesus said to be on guard concerning your stuff, and to share it with the poor.

He simply commands "be generous."

Are you generous?

Or do you argue, and contemplate the meaning of greed, and generosity, and do you remember the last time that you were so generous to someone who in turn gave glory to God for what you did for them (Matthew 5:16), or do you keep track of your goodness, or is it so abundant that you cannot keep up with what your hands do for others (Matthew 6:3), or are you inspecting what others give?

The followers of Jesus are generous, and they don't need a praise pep band to get them motivated.

They give because the very Spirit of God lives in them to do the good that on their own they would not do in a million years.

Do you give generously to the poor?

Jesus commands it.

Do you carefully watch yourself to make sure that you are giving, and not hoarding?

Jesus commands it.

Those who love God obey him.

You'll be doing as he commands if you truly love him (I John 2:5, John 14:21, John 14:23).

January 5, 2016

You'll be persecuted, but rejoice!

Scripture doesn't say that you might be persecuted for living as Christ commands.

A true believer will experience persecution.

"Indeed, all who desire to live a godly life in Christ Jesus will be persecuted," (II Timothy 3:12).

Is that your desire?

Is that what you want to sign up for in coming to Christ in repentance, and living for him?

If you enjoy fun, and leisure, and making money, and ease, then you will not be persecuted.

The world, and supposed Christians, are into that lifestyle, and they'll leave you alone, and not make any waves over what you do in this life, for you'll both be preaching the same thing, which is gusto, and going for it, and enjoying what this world offers, and you will both be living on easy street.

Or do you live for Christ alone?

That will be a hard life.

It is lived on a narrow road.

Indeed, or truly, those who live godly lives, in this world, will have insults spoken of them.

They will have lies told about them.

People very close to them, who know how they live, and the words they speak, will revile them.

Family members will take part in the persecution.

Jesus said so.

It is found in Matthew 10:34-39.

"Do not suppose that I have come to bring peace to the earth.

I have not come to bring peace, but a sword.

For I have come to set a man against his father,

and a daughter against her mother,

and a daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law.

And a person's enemies will be those of his own household.

Whoever loves father or mother more than me is not worthy of me,

and whoever loves son or daughter more than me is not worthy of me.

And whoever does not take his cross and follow me is not worthy of me.

Whoever finds his life will lost it, and whoever loses his life for my sake will find it."

Tough words those.

Did you read them?

The ones who will insult you, and persecute you, and revile you, and say all manner of evil against you will be those of your own household.

But again the words of Jesus tell those who are truly redeemed that they are to rejoice and be glad for their reward is great, and it waits for them in heaven. (Matthew 5:11-12)

Are you suffering any persecution from family members?

If you live for Christ, then you will, so are you?

Check yourself.

Have you repented?

When you repent, you will live for Christ alone, and you will be hated for it by those who would call themselves saved, and loving family members, and yet they will hate you. 

Hate and being saved do not go together, but that is what supposed Christians will do to you.

While being persecuted, rejoice, and while being hated, and schemed against in this life, rejoice.

You belong to another country, and you will be there soon.

Life is short.

For whom do you live now?

It will either be exclusively for Christ, or you have a divided heart, and that heart will not stand.

Mark 3:24 tells us that us that we serve one kingdom or the other.

Evil or good.

Not both.

Do you want to sin?

Then you will still be sinning, and it will be your choice (James 1:14).

No one born of God continues to sin (I John 3:9).

Stop your sin, or perish in it (Luke 13:3).


Change your mind about the sin that you do.

See sin as God sees it.

Agree with him.

Turn from it, to have it washed from you as far as the east is from the west (Psalm 103:12).

Jesus came to set captives free (Luke 4:18).

Are you free from sin?

If so, then you'll be persecuted for righteousness sake.

Rejoice, and again I say, rejoice, for your reward is great, and it waits for you.

Endure to the end, and you'll be saved (Matthew 24:13).


Live for Christ alone.

You may be all alone in serving him, but you'll have him, and he is enough.

His grace is sufficient (II Corinthians 12:9).

He will lead you beside still waters, and he will comfort you (Psalm 23).

You will be persecuted, and you will share in his sufferings, but rejoice in it (I Peter 4:13).

Redeemed one, rejoice.

January 4, 2016

The Lord's statutes

I John 2:3 tells us that we know that we love God if we do what he says.

A soul cannot do that if they do not know the Word.

Hunger for Scripture marks the life of a true believer.

They are a blessed, and contented people.

"Blessed are those who hunger and thirst after righteousness,
for they shall be satisfied."
(Matthew 5:10)

When reviled, they rejoice, and are exceedingly glad (Matthew 5:11-12).

True believers find the Word sweeter than honey.

"How sweet are your words to my taste, 
sweeter than honey to my mouth."
(Psalm 119:103)

Whatever is sweet to a soul is not neglected, but it is spoken of to whomever will listen (Luke 6:45).

The truly redeemed meditate on the Word day and night (Psalm 1:2).

They find it more precious than thousands of pieces of gold and silver (Psalm 119:72).

In reading Scripture, the redeemed find a hiding place (Psalm 32:7), and they rest (Psalm 23).

They discover the Lord's statutes make them, the simple ones, wise (Psalm 19:7). 

Do you know the Word, and study it, and if not, then do you know that you cannot believe in Jesus, for to believe in him, one must give ascent to what he taught, and live accordingly?

Do you?

Do you put in your "devotional time" and then never think of the Word for the rest of the day?

Is your mind on what is happening in the world, and what you will watch on TV, and more money?

Are you praying for the lost, and do you fast, and are you being persecuted for the righteous way that you live, and do you rejoice anyway, because you know that your reward is great in heaven?

If you are not filled with the Word, and loving it as you do your latte, donuts, and your next meal, then take another look at the words of Jesus, who said that no one can serve two masters.

One is loved, and the other hated (Matthew 6:24).

Do you love the Word?

If so, then you will read it, and know it, and quote it, and come what may, you will never forsake it.